The Wall Street Journal

I currently cover corporate and financial breaking news for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires. Drawing from SEC filings and other sources, I file five to 10 stories on various industries a day, averaging 10-15 minutes per story.

Occidental Leaders Push Shareholders to Reject Carl Icahn’s Board Shakeup Plan

Carl Icahn

Leaders of Occidental Petroleum Corp. are pushing their shareholders to reject billionaire investor Carl Icahn’s bid to replace four directors at the company, urging them to not sign Mr. Icahn’s written requests for a board shakeup. (Read more on The Wall Street Journal website.)

Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics Bolster Full-Year Profit Forecasts


Northrop Grumman Corp. and General Dynamics Corp., two of the largest aerospace-and-defense companies, raised their profit outlooks for the year as they posted second-quarter results that beat expectations. (Read more on The Wall Street Journal website.)

Equifax to Pay Up to $700 Million in Data Breach Settlement


Equifax Inc. on Monday struck a settlement of up to $700 million to resolve investigations and lawsuits stemming from its 2017 data breach that exposed the personal data of nearly 150 million Americans. (Read more on The Wall Street Journal website.)

Apple Shares Fall as Design Chief Jony Ive Plans Exit


Apple Inc. shares ticked lower after the iPhone maker said its design chief Jony Ive is leaving the company later this year to form his own independent design firm. (Read more on The Wall Street Journal website.)

Innovation Leader

During my spring 2019 internship at Innovation Leader, a Boston-based publication, I wrote about innovation in corporate and governmental settings. My work was published on both the InnoLead website and in its biannual magazine, for which I co-wrote a cover story.

How Taiwan's 'Crypto Congressman' is Infusing Tech Hustle into Government

Jason Hsu

In September 2017, the Chinese government made the decision to block websites offering initial coin offerings for new cryptocurrencies in mainland China. But across the Taiwan Strait, Congressman Jason Hsu of Taiwan had a different response: We welcome cryptocurrencies and blockchain. (Read a PDF version of this article .)

Top 15 Global Hotspots for Corporate Innovation

Top 15 Cities Background

The phrase “corporate innovation” is a strange amalgam. It suggests a big, established entity spawning something new. (To pessimists, it’s an oxymoron.) Often, companies struggle to make it happen at their headquarters campus: “Let’s take a group of employees, lock them in a room with a ping-pong table, and get some innovation!”
But a growing number of companies are realizing the limits of that approach. They’re looking at the world’s innovation hotspots—places like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, and Beijing—and sending scouts to understand what’s happening there that might tie in to their businesses. (Read a PDF version of this article .)

Agile AF: How Kessel Run Lab Innovates in the Air Force

Adam Furtado

When picturing what it’s like to work for the United States Air Force, you might think of perfectly pressed blue uniforms in a government facility — maybe one with concrete, bunker-like walls near a busy airfield. But the employees of Kessel Run Experimentation Lab are located about 13 miles from the closest base, and they sip cold-brew coffee and craft software code with a view of Boston Harbor. (Read a PDF version of this article .)

‘Office of New Urban Mechanics’ Nudges City Gov to Take Risks


The Office of New Urban Mechanics sits within a nexus of decision-makers on the sixth floor of Boston's City Hall. At any given time, Mayor Martin Walsh, his chief of operations, or his head of policy might stroll across the hall into the office, its walls plastered with fluorescent Post-it notes, to discuss the team's latest civic experiment. (Read a PDF version of this article .)

Bloomberg Law

I covered international trade for Bloomberg Law in summer 2018. The word "tariffs" was a staple in my reporting: I covered the Trump administration's tariff actions, NAFTA, U.S.-China trade and U.S. trade preference programs. The crux of my reporting was the nuts and bolts of trade policy, but I strived to pursue forward-looking angles — however understated they were.

TOP Stories

Six of my stories for Bloomberg Law landed on the TOP menus of the Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg News editors categorized my stories below on the Worldwide TOP, TOP Government, TOP Law and Most Read sections of the Terminal. One of my stories was also featured on Bloomberg First Word, a section on the Terminal that highlights key news developments in real time.

Trump Tariffs Cast Shadow Over Governors' Races

Bloomberg Law

Governors’ races in Republican-held states like Florida, Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio—areas dependent on trade in agriculture and manufacturing—are looking increasingly competitive, according to the latest Cook Political Report ratings.

The candidates, particularly Republicans running in trade-dependent states, will be struggling with balancing the trade interests of their constituents and Donald Trump ’s policy line, trade analysts told Bloomberg Law. How voters cast their state ballots will likely depend on the synchronicity between the candidates’ and Trump’s messages, they added.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's TOP Government section. Read a PDF version of this article.)

China Could Turn to Non-Tariff Barriers in Trade Spat with U.S.

Bloomberg Law

U.S. companies operating in China and importers of U.S. products could face non-tariff measures from Beijing in response to tariffs on Chinese goods, analysts told Bloomberg Law.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's Worldwide TOP section. Read a PDF version of this article.)

China Could Move Production Offshore to Avoid U.S. Tariffs

Bloomberg Law

Mainland Chinese companies could shift parts of their production from China to other countries to avoid U.S. tariffs should a trade war persist, according to trade analysts.

Some Chinese companies have considered establishing new operations in the U.S., while others may opt for producing or reassembling a portion of their products in Southeast Asian countries to circumvent the tariffs, the analysts told Bloomberg Law.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's Worldwide TOP section. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Five Dutch Executives to Accompany Rutte at White House

Bloomberg Law

Executives from five leading Dutch companies will join a conversation with President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Mark Rutte after the two leaders meet July 2, a Dutch embassy official told Bloomberg Law.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's Most Read section. I was the first on the Bloomberg Terminal to break this story. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Asian Countries Fight to Maintain Duty-Free Status for Imports

Bloomberg Law

Four countries jostled to maintain duty-free exports into the U.S. during a hearing June 19.

Representatives from India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan responded to business and labor groups that called for the countries’ removal from the Generalized System of Preferences, a program that lets 129 countries export 4,800 products without tariffs to the U.S. GSP is a part of the Trade Act of 1974 and is meant to promote growth in developing countries.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's Worldwide TOP section. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Mexico's Dispute Settlement Adoption Brings Investors Certainty

Bloomberg Law

Mexico’s ratification of an investor-state dispute settlement convention brings more certainty to those seeking to invest in Mexico, analysts told Bloomberg Law.

(This story was categorized under the Bloomberg Terminal's Worldwide TOP section. Read a PDF version of this article.)

My Other Favorites

At Bloomberg Law, I pitched and worked on forward-looking stories, as well as covered hearing at the U.S. Senate and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. One of my stories was also featured on Bloomberg First Word, a section on the Terminal that highlights key news developments in real time.

Dutch PM to Address Trade Tensions During White House Visit

Bloomberg Law

Trade tensions between the U.S. and European Union will be high on the agenda when the Dutch prime minister meets President Donald Trump July 2, sources familiar with the talks told Bloomberg Law.

(This article was one of Bloomberg Law's most-read stories on June 28, 2018. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Senators Pressed Administration Official for Tariff Exit Plan

Bloomberg Law

Republican and Democratic senators July 12 grilled a State Department official on whether the Trump administration has an exit strategy should its tariffs on goods from U.S. allies and China fail.

(This article was one of Bloomberg Law's most-read stories on the week of July 9, 2018. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Administration Extends Comment Period on China Tariffs

Bloomberg Law

Parties have until Sept. 6 to comment on proposed U.S. tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said.

(This article was also featured on Bloomberg First Word. Read a PDF version of this article.)

Voice of America

I interned for Voice of America in summer 2017. I reported on stories ranging from arts and culture to U.S.-East Asian diplomacy. I wrote articles and appeared on video segments both in English and Indonesian.

More Than 10,000 US Visas Issued to North Koreans in Past 20 Years

North Korean Passport

WASHINGTON — The U.S. has issued more than 10,000 visas to North Koreans in the past 20 years, 18 of them this year from March to June, a Voice of America analysis of visa records shows. (Read more on VOA's website.)

Indonesia Says It Safeguards Rights of All, Including LGBT Citizens

Indonesian LGBT Rally

Faced with growing criticism over recent anti-LGBT actions in Indonesia, the Jakarta government has told VOA it will safeguard the rights of all minority groups while taking into account "religious and cultural values that must be upheld." (Read more on VOA's website. I also translated the article for VOA Indonesia's website.)

Foreign Students Remain Eager to Study in US

International Student

Many of the U.S. colleges and universities that are most popular among foreign students are reporting an increase in international applicants, despite surveys earlier this year that warned of a drop. (Read more on VOA's website. The Indonesian translation was also published on VOA Indonesia's website.)

(BAHASA INDONESIA) RI Sayangkan Resolusi Parlemen Eropa terkait Pelanggaran HAM

Aceh Sharia Caning

Pemerintah Indonesia "menyayangkan" resolusi Parlemen Eropa yang dikeluarkan hari Kamis (15/6) yang mengecam pelanggaran-pelanggaran HAM, seperti perlakuan terhadap kaum LGBT, hukuman mati, dan intoleransi agama, kata Ignatius Priambodo, Sekretaris Pertama di KBRI Brussels yang baru kembali dari pertemuan dengan Parlemen Eropa terkait hal ini, kepada VOA. (Baca lebih di laman VOA Indonesia.)

The Daily Free Press

The Daily Free Press is where I began my college journalism experience. I spent 20 hours a week — more than a year's worth of sleep — writing and editing for the newspaper. Below are my selected works, and my author's archive is available on the FreeP's website.

Breaking News

Person shot outside Allston nightclub

Allston nightclub shooting

A person was shot in the head outside a Linden Street nightclub in Allston late Sunday night, officials said. (Read more on the FreeP's website.)

Walsh, Brown introduce Kilachand-funded science donation

Kilachand ceremony

Boston University trustee Rajen Kilachand joined President Robert Brown and other university officials to introduce the Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering to a crowd of about 100 members of the press and BU faculty, staff and students. (Read more on the FreeP's website.)

(CONTRIBUTED REPORTING) BUPD gives all clear after “emergency situation” at Mugar

Policeman outside Mugar Library

The Boston University Police Department responded to an urgent emergency situation at 771 Commonwealth Ave. Friday morning, though it was later determined to be a hoax. (Read more on the FreeP's website.)

Boston and Massachusetts News

Boston residents flock to City Hall, stand in solidarity with Orlando

Members of a Boston pride group hug

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh led thousands of Boston residents in a vigil outside Boston City Hall Monday evening to honor victims of the Sunday morning shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. (Read more on the FreeP's website.)


TERRIERS INBIZ: Scott Kirsner on journalism, evolving technology

Scott Kirsner

Journalism and technology are the two of Scott Kirsner’s predilections. He “was lucky to be born at the right time,” he said, as his graduation in 1993 from Boston University’s College of Communication was concurrent with the rise of the Internet. (Read more on the FreeP's website.)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Through my status as a freelancer for GateHouse Media — and through Lou Ureneck's business reporting class at Boston University — I have reported on Central Mass. news for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

Area Lawyers: H-1B Visa Applications Under Increased Scrutiny

Stacey Luster

Federal immigration authorities are putting more scrutiny on H-1B work visa applications in Massachusetts than in past years, lawyers who represent Central Massachusetts companies said. (Read more on the Telegram's website.)

Central Mass. communities wrestle with social media policy for employees

Eileen Cazaropoul

Personal privacy and constitutional rights have to be considered when updating social media policies for city and town employees, some Central Massachusetts local officials said. (Read more on the Telegram's website.)

The Winchester Star

Through my status as a freelancer for GateHouse Media, I have reported on Winchester, Mass., news for the Winchester Star.

Winchester used to have many factories. What happened?

Old Winchester factories

The structures that stand along the Aberjona River today attest to Winchester’s residential character— soccer fields, hospitals, local restaurants. But until the turn of the 20th century, the center of town presented a much different face: a bustling industrial landscape. (Read more on the Winchester Star's website.)

Spare Change News

I contributed a few articles to the street newspaper Spare Change News.

State Grants 39 Organizations $2.8m to Combat Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Spare Change News

The state granted $2.8 million in funding to 39 community-based organizations and local and college police departments to enhance victim services and prosecution strategies in cases involving violence against women, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito and Public Safety Secretary Dan Bennett announced on Monday. (Read more on the Spare Change News' website.)

USA Today College

I contributed to USA Today College in fall 2016.

(CONTRIBUTED REPORTING) Here's what college students thought of the 2nd Clinton-Trump debate

USA Today College

Dave Sebastian, Boston University:
Hillary — she’s talking about her agendas, her plans, what she’s going to do, while Trump is more like a guy with his ego and his attitude, and he’s basically feeling hurt by what she’s saying, and he just wants to get back at her. He’s been very defensive. He’s not a person who really respects the other person’s views. – Soumya Kochhari, first-year graduate student in economics from India (Read more on USA Today College's website.)

Boston University

I've also edited and reported for the Boston University News Service — a student-run publication at the BU College of Communication.

What’s the price tag for running the race?

Boston Marathon Runners

BOSTON — Boston Marathon organizer Boston Athletic Association, or BAA, lists two price tags on its marathon registration page: $200 for U.S. residents, $250 for those coming from abroad. But it takes more greenback for the 30,000-plus runners to reach the Boylston Street finish line on Monday. (Read more on the BUNS website.)

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang rallies in Boston

Andrew Yang

BOSTON — A $1,000-per-month stipend for every adult and a new benchmark for economic health were among the reforms Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed in his broad-ranging speech before a rally on the Boston Common Wednesday. (Read more on the BUNS website.)

Auto, tech executives: 5G-connected cars are exciting, but be mindful of issues

5G Panel

LAS VEGAS — Tech watchers would be wise to await 2025, the year 5G cellular connection is likely to proliferate in the United States, with a dose of reality, auto and self-driving technology executives said in a panel at CES Jan. 9. (Read more on the BUNS website.)

Qualcomm unveils new AI-powered dashboard, will power more than 30 5G devices

Qualcomm dashboard

LAS VEGAS — Noticing pedestrians who are about to cross, measuring driver attentiveness and having Amazon Alexa answer questions on the dashboard are among the perks Qualcomm Inc. unveiled today at CES in the artificial intelligence-powered Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform. (Read more on the BUNS website.)

Scenes from Natick on Marathon Monday

Natick on Marathon Monday

NATICK, Mass. — Even as the morning drizzles grew into an afternoon downfall, spectators along the East Central Street unflinchingly cheered for the runners braving through their 10th and 11th miles of the race. (Read more on the BUNS website.)